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Site update: Stage 1 is live, Stage 2 now under construction

Welcome to your new home! We've built the foundation and roughed in the frame. Now it's time to finish some rooms, paint the walls, and deliver the furniture. So for now, please watch your step and keep your hard hats on at all times.
Where do we go from here?

Site Roadmap


Building the Framework

We have an ambitious set of features planned, but decided to prioritize the Velocity family & coaching staff portals over a fancy design. This stage was focused on the technical, behind-the-scenes stuff to make that work.

On the public side, we added a basic page for Velocity hosted Tournament and the Sponsor page with details on our sponsorship options.

Parents, your login access to the private side of this site is now live.

Building out Pages and Features

Our second stage is focused on building pages & features on top of the framework, developing content options, and planning the design to make it all sing.

Tools being added during this stage include more robust management options for Velocity officers, news and announcment feeds, Coach portals, club calendar, and more.

Stage 3 and beyond?

Stay tuned!